Candy Crush addicted


This nail design i created months ago when Candy Crush was just became popular. I loved this game, played it everytime i had time, and i thought why not put this on my nails… 🙂 Hope u like this guys.

Its sunday night 22:43 now and i just realize tomorrow is MONDAY! 😦 G9!

24 Feb 2014

Everyone has their own hobbies, mine is nail art. This blog was created as a place to share and to write, not only about my obsession with beauty and nail art but also my emotions, my simple life….Moustache Nails

This orange moustache nail art that i designed for my friend is just simple but fun, we had a good time doing this.

What we need:

1. Orange nail polish

2. White nail polish

3. Black nail polish with thin brush

4. Dotting tool or toothpick

5. Top coat