I found my red polish


There are so many polish colors to choose but Red is never go out of style. This red polish is the beautiful shade of red that i found for so long. Its shinny, beautiful and make me feel great everytine i wear it. I wear two coat of polish and top coat for a shiny look.

ah and i believe it match with all clothes and accessories.

Sunflower Nails

imageThis nail style i wore on first day of Lunar new year. Asian people love to wear red (clothes, nails, …) that time of year because we believe that red bring luck and happy to the whole year.

24 Feb 2014

Everyone has their own hobbies, mine is nail art. This blog was created as a place to share and to write, not only about my obsession with beauty and nail art but also my emotions, my simple life….Moustache Nails

This orange moustache nail art that i designed for my friend is just simple but fun, we had a good time doing this.

What we need:

1. Orange nail polish

2. White nail polish

3. Black nail polish with thin brush

4. Dotting tool or toothpick

5. Top coat

Dreamcatcher Nails

Dreamcatcher Nails

Dreamcatcher Nails – baby blue style

This one inspired by the beautiful dreamcatcher in “The heirs” – a Korean drama that i really love. I personally think this baby blue is just so pretty and we can wear this in all occasion.

What we need:

1. Baby blue nail polish

2. Black polish thin brush

3. Baby pink & white acrylic paint

4. Dotting tool

5. Top coat